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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. walnut creek is offering new details about an officer involved shooting. and forcing the evacuation... bad weather is affecting
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bay area airports. we are dry right now with mostly cloudy skies, we have ktvu channel 2 morning news continuing. ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning everybody, i am brian flores in for dave clark. >> and i am claudine wong in for pam cook. mark is here for steve and i am liking your forecast. we have been advertising a break-in the rain and as far as temperatures, we are off to a cool start in the of 40s. more cloud cover this morning. i am tracking some more shower chances and i will have more on that in a few minutes. tara has an update on traffic. good morning tara.
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this is a live look at 880, a lot more folks are out on the roadways this morning and this is a look at 237 near milpitas, traffic is moving on the right- hand side, let's head back to the desk. we begin with breaking news. christian captain is there and what are police saying? >> well, the number one thing is that there were no officers injured. >> reporter: the one suspect in this case is dead. it's still a very active investigation on creek side drive. walnut creek police said it was a domestic violence case which ended in gunfire. there is more than a dozen cruisers from walnut creek police and from the contra costa area. then was actually behind the
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fence which you might be able to see and we learned the initial call came into the 911 dispatchers shortly before 3:15. by 320, screaming on the line about one suspect having been killed after several shots were fired. no walnut creek police were injured in this incident. we also heard the district attorney's investigative unit has been called in and we see a few investigators walking around and that's common for officers involved shooting incidents. this area was chosed to traffic this morning and we are still waiting and again what the suspect was armed and what
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prompted them, we are hearing we may get more information. and they want to know why they are fired in this incident. for now christain captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. a crash involving an ambulance, a person was hit at 3:00 a.m. this morning on skott street. police say the ambulance was driving through a green light when a person wearing dark clothing was hit in the street. that person was rushed to the hospital and we to not know what happened. he was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. investigators say the shooting does appear to be related but so far no arrests have been made. we are getting a better idea what is expected to fix a
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gas leak in the brentwood neighborhood, alex? [ technical difficulties, stand by ] . >> alex is having some audio issues and we will get back to him as soon as we can. thousands are stranded because of a storm in the bay area and east coast flights have also been grounded. bay area flights have dealt with lots of rain and more flight tee lace could continue through the new year's. well heavy snow and in some new england states. -- new england states.
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the storm is caused for 6 death and traffic accidents. the water compact is normal for this time of year. it has a third of water supplies for homes and businesses at this hour. president barack obama is hoping to reach a deal to avert the fiscal cliff and he left his vacation. we will look at the new offer and the concessions he is proposing. let's go back outside with alex savage. >> reporter: they have finally been able to locate the problem right under where those crews
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are working and they have had to dig up quite a bit of sidewalk to figure out where the leak was coming from but crews say they are running a bypass around the broken line. off to the left, the people were evacuated as a precaution. everything began when neighbors reported the smell of gas in this area. people here were ordered to shelter in place in their homes for a time and early on, he was certainly going to face explosion. >> if something goes off or ignites, i am only a couple of doors down from where the leak is so it is frightening. >> the source of the leak has
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been found. the repair work, it will be difficult for she people to go back home and with the exception of the three homes evacuated, gas does remain on for the entire area of brentwood. brentwood sal legs savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. that's right and we have 'end you are are you step including overturned cars and we will keep an eye on it for you. you can see traffic is flowing nicely in both directions on 880 and near the coliseum a again a lot who -- again a lot more problems but traffic is flowing well. we do have congestion westbound on the right-hand side of your screen as you make your way
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towards caldecott. you can see it here with the rain and all of that significant snow and this is the radar loop which will continue to travel concerns and travel issues for today. there is not a had love and they it will have clouds around the cape men 60s, 70s and 80s. you can see lots of -- mendocino. you can see downtown santa rosa 47 and san jose 43. upper 30s and upper 40s and in the afternoon, there is the eventual rang this afternoon for the low-to-mid 50s. satellite perspective shows you when you look up to the sky you will see some of this overcast.
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it could generate a few light showers only a chance while latting. we are back up to san mateo 54 and santa cruz 53. here is your weekend always in view, a chance of a shower into friday and a few lingering showers first thing saturday morning and the rest of the weekend should be dry as they wrap up 2012. he takes the information of a deadly police involved shooting. san francisco volunteers will be recording every bird they say, why the recordings of this year are unusually
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. new this morning, we have a police chase that ended in the area. one suv slammed into another vehicle. and two people were killed including the child from the peninsular. two other people in the mini- van suffered injuries and they are trying to figure out if the people in the first suv are
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connected to an earlier shooting in which a stray bullet is connected with the sheriff's department. and they held a vigil for two new york state firefighters shot to death. they braved frigid temperatures and he set his house on fire and started shooting at random. two other firefighters are in the hospital in satisfactory condition. former george hw bush is in guarded condition at a hospital. a spokesperson said he is in talking condition and is sounded by his family. he has been in the hospital since late last month for complications related to bronchitis. >> we are obviously hoping the medicines and treatments can help him turn things around.
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>> mr. bush is on a high fever and is on a high liquid diet. former president bush has also been at the hospital. they are going to have high level talks regarding the fiscal cliff. here is more from washington d.c. >> reporter: senate for harry reid is trying to get republicans on board with the president's latest offer including raising taxes on those making 400,000 a year not 250,000. senator harry reid will pass this plan and does not want to put it to a vote unless he knows it will pass the housement they want to avoid fitting the call. house speaker john boehner held
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a meeting with fellow gop leaders and said he would give them 48 hours before calling them back from their holiday vacation meaning saturday is the earliest time a fiscal vote could take place on this deal. treasury secretary tim geithner said the united states will hit the debt ceiling on monday unless he takes extraordinary measures. they believe it could force congress to come up with a deal before monday's deadline but some republicans are not as optimistic. live in washington, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they set $2 billion for unit who made her first court appearance. she was drunk when she hit a group of people. the woman was knocked up to a
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hill and she was studying criminal justice before that police crash. >> she is somebody who was never in trouble before and a quarter short of graduating from college. it is horrible of what their family is going through. >> eunice is expected to enter a plea on monday. >> more than 100 volunteers will be recording every bird they spot. it is part of the christmas count. this year's data is important and they are using it to predict climate change but the first part took place december 16th. how a northern controlled count of sea otters could help with global warming. the windy city will soon
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have the nation's most expensive downtown parking meters new year's day. they will be charging $6.50 per hour and that's up from $5.75. this is an accident in the north pay, that's right tara? >> we have a wrong way driver so there is a little bit of congestion on the on ramp. this highlights westbound traffic near concord and it is still pretty dark out there. nice commute into san francisco. and in mill he pete, -- milpitass westbound lights are flowing nicely as it makes its way to san francisco. we have some cloud cover and it is shaping up to be a nice thursday especially as we
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head to the afternoon hours. and so far santa rosa since july 1st, over 22 inches of rain, san francisco approaching well above average 174% of average. as far as current numbers they are in the 40s, napa checking in at 40 degrees and livermore 4 is and a lot of cloud cover and you can see the source of the big blanket from eureka down to monterey bay. we did a dry weather forecast and skies are becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon hours. there is another whether -- nicer weather and beginning friday lasting into early saturday morning. here is an end cries in clouds and we will -- increase in
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clouds and all of this rainfall remains offshore and it is close enough for shower chances friday lasting into saturday morning, decreasing clouds by saturday afternoon. a quick update on the sierra. the winter storm is expired and pack if the gray area, temperatures are warming back up into the 50s for afternoon highs. half-moon bay 53 and san jose 54. showers lasting early friday into saturday morning and we will have a few extra clouds by monday as we wrap up 2012. the bank does not have to pay restitution to customers after a u.s. appeals court overturned a ruling. an original ruling changed the
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order of debt card postings. wells fargo starting posting larger fees. the court did say the case should be retried. they are on the verge of the biggest auto maker. they are expected to sell 9 million cars and that would put them ahead of general motors. the discorruption of the sales was caused by the synanthy do expect to sell at least 10 million next year. a local scientist passed away while climbing a very popular volcano. and you can wake up with ktvu every morning. get the morning's top stories sent straight to your smart
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phone, just text 70123.
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. fears of a big have can't nickee description -- volcano
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eruptions began spewing hot ash and it is the country's tallest volcano and it did erupt last september. a man died after climbing a volcano in ecuador. he apparently suffered a heart attack. that popular volcano has an elevation of 5900 feet. he was a global expert on teen sexual health. here is more on the release of 1200 secret files disclosing abuse allegations for boy scouts. we went through the database and counted at least 88 cases in this area and the red dots you should be seeing soon, they stretch from santa cruz to fort brag. the abusers went online after
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the judge ordered them to hand over the information and he brought the boy scout uniform he wore when he was 12 years old. he said the troop manager molested him during a camping trip in 1982 and 1983. >> he was a very charismatic guy, ex-war guy, veteran, nobody wants to admit they were powerless to stop something like this from happening. >> he served eight years in prison on molestation charges. we actually contacted the boy scouts of america who apologized to families in response to certain cases that were inappropriate and wrong. professor chris says otter
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eat sea we had and that kelp can help with slow climate change. if the number of otters increase, the animals can help lower the earth's temperature by a degree or two. and frank gore, mikey, on the defense frank willis is doing better and is joined by justice smith, shawn gold son and dawn tie wet moore. and the 24th ranked spartans will be ranked today. the teams had five weeks to prepare for this game and if san jose wins, they will have their first win since 1940. kickoff is at the stadium in washington d.c. let's go back out to tara for more on how the roads are treating us, tara?
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it has been good and the roads have been slick so today is looking good and this is 280 at the 880 split and folks with the headlights are headed northbound and no delays. at 680 at the sunole grade -- sunole grade in fremont near 680, it is pretty close to the sunole grade but it looks like it's not impacting traffic, so that is good. let's head over to mark. we have a dry weather forecast just a few clouds but a break in the clouds and temperatures are in the 40s and we will recover back to the 50s by 3:00 later on today. santa rosa 53, san jose 54 and here is a look at your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view and for the weekend, we introduce a few
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light showers for your friday. especially the early morning hours until 6:00 and 7:00. the new law, what you need to know before january 1st. we will bring you dramatic details about a 911 call that was made about an officer involved shooting here at walnut creek.
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. all right, markets are just opening right now. we have dan from west virginia and the quarterback from syracuse will play in that stadium in just a few days. they are friendly now but maybe not so friendly in a few days. we are watching right now the
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fiscal cliff negotiations and traders are watching closely and it is a flat morning as they are on both sides of the aisle trying to work that out. and now dave clark and pam cook are both off and we continue with ktvu channel 2 morning news. there was a police shooting overnight in walnut creek. christian captain is near 680 with new information he found out within the past hour, christian? >> reporter: we have been on the scene since 4:30 and there is still a sizable police presence and we have seen some units just leaving in a few minutes. we have learned of course this was an officer involved shooting. if you take a look from our vantage point, the scene is at that brick wall you can see in
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the distance. police confirmed it all started as domestic violence and we have learned that the initial 911 call came in shortly before 3:15. >> we received 911 call transfer from the fire department at 3:13 this morning. there was screaming on the line. officers were dispatched and arrived within minutes. we received a radio transmission at 3:19 that shots had been fired. >> now that incident proved to be fatal and we have heard from walnut creek police that no officers were injured but no word on why officers or officer fired or whether the suspect had a weapon. they called in investigative workers which is common for officer involved shootings and again we are waiting for more
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details on this incident specifically whether that suspect was armed and what prompted officers to fire, for now chris than captain -- christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. a ford mustangs broad sided a nissan pickup. the mustang hit the pick up driver's door killing the driver with a man in his late 50s. detectives are trying to figure out what caused that crash. well from party buses to texting and driving, janine de la vega is live in san jose with what drivers need to know, janine de la vega? >> reporter: right now you can't text and drive but starting january 1st, you can legally sent and receive text
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if you use a hands free device and you can do that by using a blue tooth. another law that does into effect, it involves party lines and they will be held responsible to tell all teenagers that drinking is illegal. a person who is 25 years old must be on board to make sure they don't drink and that was in response to young adults drinking on party buses. the most recent involved a young woman who was killed on highway 17 when she fell out of a party bus where there was drinking involved. >> you can't rent a car under 25, why should you be allowed to be partying in a bus under 25. however we feel about the age, 21 is the age and there should be somebody older than that to kind of keep an eye on things.
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>> that will be a point news of certain cars which is ab25. and that allows, cars with clean air stickers to allow clean occupancy toll lanes if there is just one person in the car. they will have road signs, much that is see and they will be called super alert and will let drivers know if there is somebody in eminent danger. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. they have agreed to a 1 police dollars settlement in a case involving hundreds of settlements. it is for sudden acceleration and breaking problems. the lawsuits were filed after
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they were called after recalls and a judge still has to approve that settlement. they are causing concern and drawing complaints from business owners who want more business patrols. earlier, suspected vandals smashed windows on the corner of fruit veil avenue. they also smashed windows on the area of a parked van and now business owners are writing to city leaders for more police protection. it happened near 40 edge hill road near twin peeks. his identity at this hour has not been released. san francisco is still drying out after the most reason round of water. you can see they had to close
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parts of the southbound lane and we are looking into whether a timeline can happen. sandbags had to be stacked along the mosquito creek after levee failed after the -- levees failed after the heavy rain on sunday. seven homes were damaged by that flooding and long-term repairs are said to begin sometime next year. drivers who waited for the last storm to end all took to interstate 880 at the same time yesterday but it all dumped up. there is more on if you are planning on taking that trek ahead for new year's eve. there are several incidents in the east bay going on? >> yes, we have a truck versus a car one lane is blocked and
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in caster valley, redwood grove, we have car that went into a reference and it is going to take awhile for crews to get that cleaned up. no delays to report at the toll plaza and we do not have any metering lights on and a lot of people have the holiday off and that's good news in san francisco. and at the sunole grade we are seeing a little bit of traffic in pleasanton and it has been sort of stop and go so be aware of it. 6:38 let's check in with mark. it is a dry weather forecast, still some cloud cover, temperatures mainly in the 40s. forecast headlines for today, skies are partly cloudy and
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tomorrow clouds will increase again and we will increase the chance of a few showers. weekend in general will be on the cool side both saturday and sunday. yesterday at this time we had rain showers and that's not the case for today. a few sprinkles are approaching cape mendocino and as far as current numbers, we are on the cool side out towards 40 in santa rosa and hayward is checking in at 43 at last report. temperatures this morning to the upper 40s and to the afternoon hours, low-to-mid 50s around 50 to 55 degrees. if you look up to the sky, we'll see some overcast, some evidence of that cloud cover and that will thin out as a result of partly cloudy skies from 1:00 or 2:00 today. maxing out to low-to-mid 50s, and we have a cool finish this
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afternoon. san mateo 54 and pleasanton topping out at 52. we have a chance of a few light showers, that moves in for friday and saturday, primarily early saturday morning and we will be dry with cloud cover and we will be dry for new year's eve. we are surprise by the small number of shoppers and some say many were shopping and not buying. a consumer psychologist said many were not in the mood after the shooting in connecticut but some will not say how bad it was. and a fight at a mall sent shoppers running. why they thought they heard a gunman firing shots. pg&e crews have dug up this
6:42 am
sidewalk in brentwood trying to repair a gas line which forced evacuations and we will bring you the latest coming up. 880 at the split is moving well, we will have an update on your traffic just ahead. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish!
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. good morning, here is a quick look at the top stories we are following, answer officer shot and killed a suspect during a domestic violence incident at 3:20 this morning. the officer was not hurt but as pro toll call they are now -- protest tow call they are now investigating dark protocol they are now investigating. a man was driving through a green light when a person with dark clothing walked into the street. critical fiscal negotiations are planned over the next few days and the nation's trillion dollar debt ceiling is in the wings and
6:46 am
they are trying not to default on their debt. alex savage is live in brentwood where crews had to dig up the sidewalk. i want to show you what these crews have done here. >> reporter: what they have done is set up a bypass where the broken line is. it is an underground line and i will show you pg&e crews have found the problem which is a league in an underground two- inch gas line. crews have dug up the problem and they have been working through the night to find it and in the meantime people who live in these three homes, they remain evacuated this morning as a precaution. one woman said she had to go stay with relatives nearby. this situation all began to unfold as they reported the smell of compass in the area. people were asked to stay inside their homes and he came
6:47 am
back home to find a street blocked offment. >> we were out of town and they were blocking the street as we pulled up, you could smell the gas real bad and that is how we found out about it. with the exception of the three homes it's just adjacent and gas service does remain on for the entire neighborhood. the source of leak has been -- of the league has been found and -- of the leak has been found and they are trying to repair the broken line throughout the afternoon and all of these three homes will remain evacuated throughout that time. in brentwood alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. panic sent people running for the exits.
6:48 am
at least 20 teens began fighting and then began brawling knocking over signs in their path. several shoppers did call 911 one reporting gunshots. police plea of the sounds of things falling on the floor led to falls reports. >> -- false reports. >> i can just imagine somebody coming into the store and threatening us. >> many stores closed their metal gates and went into lockdown. the mall did reopen about an hour later animal security said -- and mall security said 14 people have been arrested. nelson mandela has been resting in his home this morning. he was relee -- released from his home and was treated for a
6:49 am
lung infection and had surgery for gallstones. brian shoots is now the junior senator from hawaii. he had served as hawaii lieutenant governor and overnight he flew with president barack obama on air force 1. police drunk driving numbers were up compared to last december. between december 21st arthroscopy and december 25 theth people were arrested 39 people died. they set up a series of checkpoints in hopes of curbing drunk driving for the holiday. and on interstate 880, the big difference is you can see the roadway and they are
6:50 am
expecting dry conditions and cal train says there is no restrictions on interstate 880, however it is a much different situation over the last few days. people who had to travel into higher elevations got a white christmas and there were lots of backups. drivers had to wait at a near standstill but once you get up there it is all worth it. >> yes, 6:49 let's go to tara, she is following action going on in the east bay. the off ramp is closed down for a few minutes, possibly longer and this is due to an overturned car. we will let you know how it is impacting traffic.
6:51 am
you can see traffic is sluggish but still moving. and as you work towards the caldecott tunnel traffic is going well all morning long. and traffic is also flowing nicely on the right-hand side towards foster city and on the opposite side towards hayward. it is beautiful looking out towards the bay and it is overcast but there are breaks in the overcast and we will be trending in that direction and the cloud deck will gradually thin out. temperatures are not extremely cold mainly in the 40s and oakland and san rafael checking in at 48. here is a perspective of the big batch of clouds and no raindrops for your thursday and we will take this into friday
6:52 am
as there is another chance of a few more showers for your friday. and it is all on the light side and it will linger into saturday primarily early morning hours of saturday. most of your weekend at this point could be dry. we have a decrease of the overcast, it is and this is a recent change. we showed you shower chances developing and maybe a few left over showers by the morning. maybe a slight chance of an isolated shower for the morning and a slight chance of some snow into the region and also in lay tahoe as well. -- lake tahoe as well. showers lasting into saturday morning and second half of your weekend should be dry and also for new year's eve and new year's day but maybe a few
6:53 am
extra clouds on new year's eve. they showed new applications fell to a five year low last week and there are fewer applications for first time unemployment insurance. that number may be misleading because governments were closed and that means people could not file for benefits and may have decided to file this week. they have been off and it is just about 10 points this morning. certainly things were expected to be flat and we will keep an eye on the numbers for you. what the town is showing them not to do. and the latest on a payment dispute belonging to the late
6:54 am
steve jobs.
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6:56 am
. welcome back, a water-main break flooded several roads. water was turned off to nearly 400 homes and city officials rushed water to the residents. a sinkhole trapped a city bus and as you can see there the
6:57 am
driver escaped unharmed. water service was restored last night. a big rock slide closed a road and it took many drivers by surprise. cal train will open 8:00 amount m and 4:00 p.m. to let traffic through and there is still no word on when the road will fully open. they are asking well wishers to hold off on sending gifts to the grieve stricken community of newtown connecticut. gifts have been pouring into the community from all over the world. officials are deeply great full but they can't manage so many items. they say once they process all the gifts, they will let the public know the best ways to help those in the shooting. they picked up three female shoplifting suspects. you can see them walking in right there and they went into
6:58 am
two stores on california street -- california street in laurel avenue. they put merchandise into their bags and walked out. they were arrested on the suspicion of shoplifting but they are still looking for more information on those suspects. he said he was still owed four million dollars so he was impounded to the foreign county -- country in europe. now we have a crash which has shut down the sunole off ramp. 580 at the 680 split in dublin we also have another crash at canyon road and finally in caster valley, we have that car that crashed into a fence then
6:59 am
a telephone pole and is resting up on the sidewalk and we have chopper 2 looking for the accidents that will bring you pictures soon. finally at the bay bridge, you can see traffic moving slowly. there is a break in the rain just some clouds for the morning hours and our next chance for showers is moving in friday night into saturday morning and sunday will be dry. breaking news from walnut creek we have ban following this since 3:00 a.m. and we have new information on a police involved shooting. president barack obama cuts a deal about the fiscal cliff crisis, stay with us.
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